Consumer Loans

Consumer Loans for Crisis Scenarios

Consumer loans (forbrukslån) may help people deal with emergency situations. Loans (lån) always come to the rescue everytime you need immediate cash. At X-in, you can take loans without collateral (lån uten sikkerhet). Most people usually grab on cheap loans (billig lån) with low interest. But there are some who will grab loans even with high interest specially during crisis scenarios. In order to avoid that circumstances, you should always be ready. You may apply for best credit card (beste kredittkort) that you can use for emergency or urgent bills to pay. Such as Esso MasterCard, EuroCard Gold, Coop MasterCard, Visa Card, and many more.

If you have different debts or loans from different moneylenders, you can combine it into one called refinancing  (refinansiering) plan. With refinancing, you only have one repayment every month and the best thing is it has low interest rate. At x-in, you always have a choice. There’s always an offer suitable for your financial needs.

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